Raise awareness for your nonprofit's cause while enjoying a memorable travel experience.

Give your supporters a unique and memorable experience when you book a fundraising cruise with Precious Memories Travel. Supporters will enjoy needed fun, rest, and relaxation, while contributing to a great cause — your cause. We take care of all the details, while you receive the proceeds. 

How does it work?

Most cruise lines have a fundraising program where they donate based on the number of travelers and the length of the cruise. For example, Carnival Cruise Lines will donate $5 per passenger, per day. If desired, you may mark up the cruise more than $5 to optimize your donations. Once the cost is decided, you sell the cruise to your participants to raise funds.

Increased Donations

Your organization has the opportunity to raise thousands of dollars with little to no man power. We take care of all the details.

Positive Participation

Supporters enjoy a cruise vacation, get some much needed relaxation, and feel great about supporting a worthwhile cause.


Booking a cruise is a great way to increase awareness about your cause. Those who participate in your cruise will learn more about your cause and how they can help.

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